Friday, March 7, 2008

Task 4:Preparing our Presentation about Brazil

Three Intermediate groups are preparing presentations about Brazil for the International Project we are involved in : "Sister classes". This is the blog where all groups from 6 different countries are going to publish their presentations

Ronaldo´s group from Brasília has already published a presentation about 5 cities in Brazil. Watch the presentation and leave a comment as a text or a recording. The presentation we´re preparing will look like that. So, don´t forget to bring your texts next class so that we can record ourselves and publish our work too.

Click on the blog you want to read and then you can leave comments.


Dennis said...

Oí, Ana Maria and students.

In my opinion, the Odiogo audio sometimes sounded natural and sometimes sounded weird! Even so, it was good to hear about the "Sister Classes" project. Good luck with it!

Best wishes from Arizona, U.S.A.—

Dennis in Phoenix

RitaZ said...

Hi, Ana Maria and students in Brazil!
This is to let you know that a group of students in Rosario, Argentina, has also opened a classblog, and you are all invited to join us!
We have created some videos and put them up there, so we are looking forward to your comments ;-)
It's at
I hope we all enjoy this great experience,