Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Meme Project


Let´s meme each other. New word? We´re creating a chain of posts.

  1. Pick a classmate´s e-mail.
  2. Send your classmate an e-mail with 3 questions he/she should write about in their blog.(Ex:Tell me about a place you´d love to go.)
  3. After following your classmate´s suggestion for a post, send him/her an e-mail with the link to your blog.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Written TEST2 (Units 5a 5c)


Answer key

Use the revision class ppt to help you prepare for the written test:

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Unit 5C: Work

Let´s practise vocabulary:
Go to QUIZLET and do the exercises the site has generated for you. I´m sure after having done them you´ll have memorized all the words we´ve seen in unit 5C.

-online exercise about connectors: whereas, also, although, etc.
- grammar exercises: quantifiers, articles (a, an, the) and gerund/infinitive.
-more vocabulary work: crossword, wordsearch.

Writing letters:
As we´re talking about work, how about learning how to write a letter?
This is a letter generator which will help you write your first formal letter. As soon as you finish your letter, don´t forget to print it and bring the copy to your teacher.

Now, it´s impossible not to learn. It´s up to you, the tools for learning are right here at your fingertips.