Thursday, January 31, 2008

What´s a BLOG?

Watch this video from Youtube and answer the questions below:
  1. What´s the difference between the news in the 20th / 21st Century?
  2. How can anyone become a reporter?
  3. How can people interact with other people using blogs?
  4. What kinds of blogs are there?
  5. How many blogs have been created since 2003?

Our Blog Project

RockYou FXText
This is a project Inter B students will be developing during the first semester of 2008 in order to learn about this new way of writing / interacting and practising English.
  • Each student will create a blog (free choice of topic).
  • The blog should have at least 5 posts ( one post a month).
  • The blog can include texts, pictures, videos, songs and widgets.
  • Students wil interact with other students and groups by visiting each other blogs and leaving comments.


The blogs created by students will be visited by the teacher regularly and will be evaluated monthly. Organization, creativity, willingness to participate will be taken into consideration. The objective of writing blogs is not to check mistakes but to develop writing habits ; therefore, spelling or grammar mistakes will not be evaluated.