Friday, July 4, 2008


Dear students,

It´s the end of the semester and I already have that feeling of sadness for leaving you. It was a huge pleasure to be your teacher and to learn so much from each one of you.

This is a feedback I´d like to give you. I´ve learned so much from blogging that I felt I needed to give my students the experience of working with a new means of communication you could use to express yourselves in English. I know some of you didn´t have so much time to devote to the project but all in all I considered it a success. At the beginning your posts were very shy but more and more I noticed you found your "own voices in English. How do you feel about blogging now? Do you plan to keep your blog or is it something you don´t intend to keep? Please, use the comments are to give me some feedback.

I´ve also created the slideshow below as a gift to you, with all the blogs you´ve created. It´s YOU I see in each of them, your interest, your style, your way of seeing the world. HOPE TO BE YOUR TEACHER AGAIN. Click on the play button and enjoy.