Wednesday, March 12, 2008


This presentation was made by our Intermediate students in order to present Brazil to other groups abroad. Students talk about our food, culture, music, sports, beaches and so on.


Dennis said...

Oí, Ana Maria and students.

What an interesting VoiceThread presentation on Brazil! I enjoyed seeing the photos very much, but I enjoyed hearing the students even more, and I was impressed with their speaking abilities in English.

Good job! Parabéns!

Best wishes from Arizona, U.S.A.—

Dennis in Phoenix

Ana Maria said...

Dear Dennis,

Thank you so much for your precious support in everything I try. I´ve noticed you´ve visited many of my students blogs and some have already asked me about you. They´re thrilled!


Hala Fawzi said...

Dear Ana Maria students,

I want to tell you that not only me in Sudan, but the whole Sudanese people LOVE everything Brazilian! Now, after listening to your voices and watching the slides, I think I will be dreaming about visiting your Brazil one day!
Keep up the good work!
Greetings from hot Khartoum,Sudan


Ana Maria said...

Hello Hala,

It´s an honour to have you as our visitor, you´re a webhead , aren´t you? I´ve seen your smiley face around. Just had a look at your blog and will keep track of you through my Feevy. So you´re joining the sisterclasses project, welcome aboard!


Danúbia Bull said...

Hi Ana,
Our presentations are on their way!!!! I ha ve just finished one. I shloud've used voicethread instead, much easier!

Ana Maria said...

Dear Danubia,

Don´t worry, there´s no need to rush. We´re learning every day. Voicethread is surely very practical.