Friday, July 4, 2008


Dear students,

It´s the end of the semester and I already have that feeling of sadness for leaving you. It was a huge pleasure to be your teacher and to learn so much from each one of you.

This is a feedback I´d like to give you. I´ve learned so much from blogging that I felt I needed to give my students the experience of working with a new means of communication you could use to express yourselves in English. I know some of you didn´t have so much time to devote to the project but all in all I considered it a success. At the beginning your posts were very shy but more and more I noticed you found your "own voices in English. How do you feel about blogging now? Do you plan to keep your blog or is it something you don´t intend to keep? Please, use the comments are to give me some feedback.

I´ve also created the slideshow below as a gift to you, with all the blogs you´ve created. It´s YOU I see in each of them, your interest, your style, your way of seeing the world. HOPE TO BE YOUR TEACHER AGAIN. Click on the play button and enjoy.


Anonymous said...

Dear Ana Maria, you are great! I liked a lot our classes. I hope to be your "pupil" again. Instead of my dificults, I learned so much in your classes and from blogging. It is very good to practice english. I feel I need learn to talking more during the classes and like your suggestions, see films can help me about this.
Thank you!

Ana Maria said...

Dear Solange,

thank you so much for the kind words. It´s always a pleasure to teach people who are so interested in learning. I wish you have a wonderful rest in July and come back for the Upper-Intermediate course. I´m going to Fortaleza for a congress next week and you?


Aryasindhu said...

Hi ANa Maria, I went through your blogs. And I found them really important for students to learn online.

Keep publishing.