Tuesday, February 12, 2008

TASK 1: Visiting different blogs

Before you create your own blogs, let´s visit different kinds of blogs, observe the lay-out, topic chosen and widgets used on the page. Write a comment about which blog you liked the most from each category and give your reasons. Some of these blogs were suggested by teacher (Daniela Munca) from the University of Mississipi to her undergraduate students:

Educational Blogs:

Libardo´s page

Life Feast

Movie Reviews

Daniela Munca´s

Teen 5

Entertainment Blogs:





Technology related Blogs




Which one did you like best from each category? Why? Write in the comments area.


Daniella Pelegrini said...

hi there, my name is Daniella and I really like Ana Maria's and Libardo's blog. I thing that it was very interesting Ana Maria´s photos and libardo´s content.

juarez neto said...

I liked all the blogs...
The people who have time to creat a blog is a winner...
But, my favorite is the fashion blog! It´s very productive and now I´ll wearing new clothes! I´ll be a better person! And now I know how I should wear, and I know the fashion clothes. Thak you so much girls!!!!! hugs...

I´m danúbia´s student...

Fernando said...

Hi, my name's Fernando and I think that's a good idea to criate a blog, because we can have chats and meet each other! My blog will have a topic of enviroment, if you can... have a pass there! bye...

Marcela said...

Hi my name is Marcela and my theacher is Danubia. I like the blog of films and I think very interesting the post about Nicole Kidman. I think that she's a good actress and she did a lot of films. I saw "Moulin Rouge" and I think that was very interesting.

MArco Aurelio said...

Hi, My namés MArco Aurelio and I was looking blogs about technology and I found one very interesting about a playstation 3 for only 19 dollars and I thonk I am going to buy one.

Ana Maria said...

Dear Fernando,

If your blog is going to be about environment I suggest you have a look at http://planetfesto.com . I guess you´ll like it.


Camila (: said...

hi (:
I liked all the blogs
I loved the entertainment blogs,especially the fashion blog (slashfilm).I didn't visit all the educational blog or all the technological blogs,I really loved technoblob because I thought really nice the idea of a biodagradable mobile phone.
Camila Borges

marta said...

Hi teacher...
My name's Marta,I think that's a good idea to criate a blog, because can meet each other and to practice better the English.
Now,I was looking all the blogs, it's very good, but I liked more the blog of movie reviews, because to talk the personalities as Nicole kidman, charlie Chaplin,I loved they

Danúbia Bull said...

Hi guys,
I am glad you have found something you liked on our blog list. If you have any suggestions of any other blogs you have logged on let us know!
Hope you enjoy this project!

Mrs. Bull

Danúbia Bull said...

Dear Daniella,
I totally agree with you. Ana Maria is so creative and dedicated to her blog! Whenever you want to find out what's new on blogs just visit hers. Now, Libardo is great. He's got many blogs on how to learn English effectively as wel as practice exercises.
It's worth checking it out!

Danúbia Bull said...

Your blog is so cute and we are looking foward to your future posts!

Danúbia Bull said...

Will your blog be about movies?
It seems like you enjoy it a lot!

Danúbia Bull said...

Dear Marta,
I am so glad you were able to open a blog by yourself. It was not hard, was it?? Now you can publish articles and things related to your profession. It will be a great tool!

Kaísa Martins said...
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Kaísa said...

I like very much of blogs! In the Educational Blogs category, which I think most interesting is the "Movie Reviews" because I love movies and it brings information and curiosities about this universe.

In the Entertainment Blogs category, I like the "I am Fashion"! This is a topic that I think very interesting! I like this blog mainly because there are many photos of clothes and shoes. It's so exciting!

In the Technology related Blogs category, I like the "Technabob" mainly because his variety of themes and curiosities about technology, games and inventions.

Karoline said...

Hi! Well, I was looking the blogs that were sugegest; about "Educational Blogs" I like so much the movie reviews, because there are many information about the films, activities, articles, games and intreviews.
In "Entertainment Blogs", I had difficults in found a blog that I liked, but, finally, I choose the "I am fashion". Althoug anyone interst me very much, the last one was the most well done and was the better.
In "Technology related Blogs', without doubts, I choose the last one! It's the most interesting because talks about more general things and technologys, and not just about games, nitendo, playstation, etc. (I don't like video games so much...)
So, that's all!

Danúbia Bull said...

Dear Caroline,

After reading your comment about the blogs under the category of technology I decided to check it out. In fact it is very interesting!. Apart from video games I enjoy technology a lot. Isn't the water proof MP3 palyer a must have?